Testosterone Therapy

As men age, the vitality seems to wane gradually. They no longer feel the zeal; rather, they cannot live up to the zeal to lead a very active life. Things around seem to slow down. And before they know it, the fatigue seems to get reflected in bed.

At times, even when they are young, overstress causes the testosterone levels to go downhill. Consuming too much of fast foods in order to save time, helps achieve nothing but decrease in testosterone levels. As you grow obese stocking up more fat in your body, you have no idea the harm you are doing to yourself.

Luckily, medical science has advanced enough to find way to make up for the lost hormone balance. Here are certain pieces of information to give you hope.

Testosterone therapy

By means of a therapy in which the testosterone is incorporated into a man’s body, either intravenously or by pills, significant results have been found. For men with testosterone levels below normal range, this method has worked wonders. However, nothing in this world is without the bad side. Hence, this is no exception yet the positive results have been significant.

Why is testosterone important?

The popular saying goes: Clothes maketh a man. But it’s better to say, testosterone is what maketh a man. Not just in times of competition for a partner, but also for carrying out the day-to-day activities of a man, and be healthy. The lack of it leads to bones becoming brittle, slight obesity, even problems in sleeping.

Without proper sleep, the balance of hormones goes out of order. All this takes a heavy toll on the sex life of a man. When you don’t have enough testosterone, the libido, in other words, the sexual urge lapses adding to your frustration. There is too much of frustration that you can handle and it stresses you out more. It looks just like a vicious circle, doesn’t it?

About the therapy

The therapy has shown proven results for men suffering from the above-mentioned symptoms.

1. You might not get those jolly good old youth back but with normal levels restored, the active feeling will come back.

2. People with low testosterone quite often suffer from obesity. The Testosterone therapy helps in cutting down that belly size.

3. The libido rises and that pumps up your sexual life. Good sex is a key to a healthy living for adults irrespective of gender. Also, it brings your partner closer to you. The modern matured man owes a lot to this new venture.

4. The theory about getting prostrate cancer with prolonged use of testosterone therapy is still moot. For an aging man, the test is pointless. This is because the indicator, named Prostrate-Specific Antigen (PSA) is not a very reliable way to conclude the same.

Yet there are downsides

Always be careful before you decide to opt for this therapy. First blood test almost always detects a low testosterone level. Don’t rely on single tests, therefore. It is wise to get a second and a third opinion because all of the three results will be different.

Certain negative observations made over the years have caused the doctors to exercise caution.

a) Older men could begin to suffer from cardiovascular problems if treated prolonged. Usually, above the age of 65, this therapy doesn’t help that much.

b) There could be a disruption in the communications between the nerve cells with too high levels of testosterone in blood.

c) Sometimes body-builders take testosterones as performance booster. But the effect becomes counter-intuitive over time. The testicles could shrink and breasts may begin to form. This is not a good sign so be wary if you are trying to achieve that sculpted look.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. So take the advice of a medical practitioner to start this therapy in case you require it. Else, just let yourself age gracefully. You can either choose Spartagen XT supplementation or testosterone therapy.  What’s the harm?