Testosterone and Weight Loss: Natural Weight Loss Secret

Testosterone acts as a magic trick when someone is looking to shed some weight, especially the fats. Men’s dependence on testosterone is not only limited to gaining muscles or facial hair or secondary sexual characters but in reality, the effects of testosterone are far more impactful. Several scientific studies which were conducted for several years across different age groups clearly indicated the importance of testosterone on body fat loss. The close relation between testosterone and weight loss is no more a secret but the trick lies in mastering this relation.

Impact of Testosterone on Body Weight Maintenance

Testosterone helps to maintain a proper muscle to fat ratio in a number of ways –

  1. Body testosterone level is proportional to body fat loss i.e. higher the testosterone level, higher the fat loss.
  2. Testosterone helps to increase BMR, meaning higher calorie burn.
  3. Testosterone helps to gain muscles, resulting in better muscle to fat ratio.
  4. Testosterone boosts libido-causing increase in blood circulation.
  5. Testosterone being a natural body product does not have side effects.

So even a layman can easily understand that there is no denial of the fact that testosterone can really have a significant impact when you are trying to lower you waist circumference.

The Mystery of Testosterone and Weight Loss

The relationship between testosterone and fat loss is essentially a vicious cycle. Scientific studies have proven that excess body fat triggers conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Excess accumulation of estrogen slows down the production of testosterone, resulting in further accumulation of fats and the cycle keeps on moving forward causing further problem in maintain proper level of testosterone.

The exact biochemical pathway of this vicious cycle is yet to be deciphered in molecular level but the overall outcome is that lower level of testosterone causes excess fat accumulation, especially in the mid-central region and excess fat further triggers lowering of testosterone levels.

However scientists have warned against too much generalization of this testosterone and weight loss relationship. While this relationship has been scientifically proven a number of times and mostly holds true, there are some specific cases also. Some people are naturally low in body testosterone level but do not show any excess fat accumulation while people with higher levels of fat can also have higher testosterone levels. But such cases, although scientifically important, are rare and in most cases are associated with some other metabolic or genetic disorder.

How to Boost Body Testosterone Levels?

There are numerous ways to pump up your body testosterone level. Body builders even take regular shots of permitted level of this steroid to keep fats at bay while providing maximum boost to muscle growth. But for a common person it may be too much to ask for. So if you are interested in maintaining proper balance between testosterone and weight loss, follow these simple procedures –

  • Increase the proportion of mono-unsaturated and saturated fats in your meal. Olive oil is a great source of mono-unsaturated fats.
  • There can’t be any weight loss regime that does not tear off some muscles also. So to maintain your muscle building rate, indulge in some weight training. If are already doing so, increase it further.
  • Stress wreaks havoc when you plan to boost your body testosterone level. So identify you sources of stress and do work on them to get rid of them from their roots. Also as a supplement, yoga provides good benefit to keep stress away.
  • Increase protein intake in a regular basis. Proteins are the ultimate building blocks of one’s body. So to maintain proper physique, higher protein intake is a must. Although it does not directly boosts testosterone levels but provides raw materials to support increase testosterone’s activity.

Hence it is pretty clear that when you are trying to strike a balance between weight loss and testosterone, you need an all-round plan to make the maximum benefit out of your efforts. You need foods like olive oil to directly supply raw materials for testosterone production while you diet should also include proteins to help you build muscles, which are going to be boosted by higher testosterone levels.

Losing Weight with Low Testosterone

From the above discussing it is pretty clear that losing weight with lower levels of testosterone is a tough job. Fortunately it is not impossible. So people with lower level of this hormone do not necessarily have to admit to obesity.

While external supply of this good hormone can provide some benefit, in the longer term, it is not a viable option. So first thing to do is to admit that weight loss or muscle gain is going to be slightly tougher for you than you mates with higher level of this powerful hormone. Half of the hard work is done if you accept this fact.

To make a viable option for losing weight in low testosterone levels, consult your physician and trainer to prepare a solid diet and exercise chart that will act complement your natural deficiency of testosterone levels. In fact in present days high stress environment, a significant population, including the celebrities is suffering from low testosterone levels. So if they can maintain their proper physique with diet and exercise, why can’t you?

However before you push a whole lot of this good steroid in to your body, do not forget to consult you nutrition or physician to consult your medical background and most importantly to have a proper analysis of your physical and metabolic state. Also keep in mind that although the basic effect is same, men and women do respond differently to varying levels of testosterone. For example, diabetes and obesity is linked to lower levels of testosterone in males while the opposite is true for females. Don’t make the rules too generalized; rather get in touch with your trainer for custom solutions.

So no more looking for here and there to find a magic bullet to boost your weight loss regime and get you a fat free toned body. When you know that the secret is already within you own body, why not take measures to boost it naturally?

  • March 28, 2016
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