How Libido Can Wane

Libido is the sexual desire in the human beings. It is the manifestation of one’s sexual drive. It will be different for different persons. The famous psychologist Sigmund Freud popularized the word “libido”. It may be conscious or unconscious. The biological, psychological and social factors affect the libido. The hormone like testosterone is one of those biological factors.

Testosterone is a sexual hormone which helps in the development of the reproductive system. It is because of this hormone that people have sexual erection. The family, friends, school and all these social backgrounds affect the sexual drive. The psychological factors like stress and anger have a direct effect on it.

Libido refers to all our feelings in relation with the sex like love and pleasure. Sexual desire is something without which a human being’s life is complete. Just like we need food and shelter sex is also a basic need. Its fulfillment gives satisfaction to the human beings.

Libido can be lost gradually as we become old. It is not a matter to worry as it is natural. But if it happens in a young age it will affect one’s life adversely. Decreased libido can lead to lose of sexual interest.

The Factors Constituting Loss of Libido

There are many factors which may cause the destruction of libido.

· Biological Factors

The biological factors play a major role in the loss of libido. The lack of the production of sexual hormones can be a reason. Testosterone is the example of a sexual hormone. It is because of this hormone that the reproductive systems develop. It is also responsible for the sexual erection in human beings.

Underactive thyroid can also cause loss of libido. It happens when the thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones.

· Psychological Factors

Peace of mind is inevitable for a satisfying sexual life. Stress, anxiety and sorrow can gradually affect the sexual drive negatively. Libido is about the body but it is related with the mind too. A disturbed mind can hardly have interest in sex.

· Social Factors

As man is a social animal, his/her social backgrounds have a strong influence. The family, school and friends constitute a lot in molding the sexual behavior of a person. That is why people know where to restrict their feelings and where to open up.

· Medications

The usage of some drugs is dangerous for the libido. The tranquilizers, pain killers and contraceptives are examples.

· Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep may lead to low testosterone level in the body. This can ultimately result in loss of libido.

Loss of Libido in Men

The loss of libido in men is rare when compared with that of the women. Men’s libido will decrease when they become fathers. It is a natural process as during this period what the mother needs the most is care. The bad habits in their life can also cause this problem.

There are some common things which lead to the loss of sexual desire in men. Alcoholism and smoking are the two bad habits which lead to most of the health problems in men including the destruction of libido.

· Alcoholism

Chronic alcoholism is a major cause of lack in libido. Drinking excess amount of alcohol can affect your sex drive and also cause many other health problems.

· Smoking

Smoking can badly affect your sex life. It can result in low production of sperm and also loss of libido. Consistent smoking can eventually make one impotent.

· Obesity

Excessive increase in body weight should be controlled.

The erectile dysfunction and loss of libido are two different things. Men with normal libido may have erectile dysfunction. Men who have loss in libido can have sexual erection but they may lack the desire for sex or may not be able to engage in sexual activities.

Loss of Libido in Women

Loss of libido is a disturbing issue for women too. Low sexual drive is a frequent problem seen in women and it will affect their family life too. It can lead to disappointment and distress in personal life. The lack of libido in women can be temporary or permanent.

Like men, low testosterone level in the body can be a cause. The lack of sexual desire can also result from aging. Women’s libido keeps fluctuating throughout their life. That is because of their bodily changes which occur in their different stages of life. Libido in women will be different at the time of puberty, pregnancy and after the menopause.

Sometimes, menstruation can make a woman anemic because of high bleeding. Anemia may lead to loss of libido. After the child birth, a woman may show lack of interest in sexual desire. It can be because of the hormonal changes happening in the body or because of psychological changes after becoming a mother.


Libido is an essential factor in a human being’s life, be it a man or woman. Though its decrease due to old age is not to be worried about it should be matter of concern if happens at a youthful age. The first and safest option to control this is to consult a doctor in order to find the exact cause behind the loss of libido.

Biological factors like illness or hormone issues can be cured with medications. A good counseling can help in the case of psychological issues. We should also ensure that a bad lifestyle doesn’t result in this problem. If so, we should reschedule our lifestyle so as it go hand in hand with our family life.

Men should try to avoid the bad habits like alcoholism and smoking as it is injurious to health in many ways. It can even make you an impotent gradually.

  • January 13, 2016
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