About Low Libido

Libido affects your sex drive. And libido is turn is affected by the testosterone levels in the body. So low testosterone equals low libido which means all sadness all around! Now low libido just doesn’t mean that once in a while you feel no sexual desire. No, it is a continuous feeling of lack of sex drive.

Causes of Low Libido

As opposed to popular beliefs, low libido isn’t just a product of old age. While, in your elder years you will experience less sexual desire, but low libido has become quite common among the young people too.

  • Stress is one of the most common reasons. This stress may be because of the hectic lifestyle, emotional problems and so many other things.
  • Depression, which results in lack of interest in life and its activities like sex.
  • As mentioned above, low testosterone leads to a reduced sex drive.
  • Some medications such as for blood pressure, hormonal imbalance.
  • Problems in sleeping.
  • Consumption of excessive drugs and alcohol.

Remedies for Low Libido

There are many remedies to treat your low libido woes. Because everyone deserves a good sex life! So, what do you need to do? Most of them are lifestyle changes and others need a doctor’s consultation. Find out the cause for yours with the help of your doctor and then proceed.

  1. To combat stress, meditate and do yoga daily. Even 30 minutes per day of either can do wonders for your libido.
  2. You can try testosterone replacement therapy in which testosterone levels are increased in your body using pills, injections, skin patches or gels.
  3. Those whose low libido is a result of emotional and psychological problems should go for sex therapy. Talking and sorting out these issues with your therapist will certainly help you in reviving your sex life.
  4. And well, there is always Viagra. The ever favorite option. But consult your doctor and take it in moderation.

So, do accompany the lifestyle changes with the required medical treatments and you will surely cure your low libido.

  • December 30, 2015
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