7 Ways To Improve Libido

Sexual arousal is a basic need or drive needed to cater to one’s basic instincts. It’s just another important aspect which if remained unfulfilled can leave a void in many facets of our lives. Libido or the desire to have sex varies from each person depending on various factors like his routine, physical condition, preference of partner and others. Moreover, the story of libido remains untold for many as it remains a taboo for many, as a sense of embarrassment looms around them to reveal the fact of inability to achieve an arousal towards the opposite sex.

Since urbanization has carved a significant niche in majority of our lives leaving a void that remains unfilled, due to the fast paced globalised era along with increased competitiveness for status, possession of materials, we’ve lost track of the very basic instincts needed to pacify the emotional centers in our brains. Libido is just like another hidden silent dragon needed to spew the fire to ignite the passion of bonding for the love birds. Nature and man have identified several remedies to resolve this growing malady of reduced libidos. If you’ve lost that perky feeling to initiate the sizzle to have sex, lifestyle modifications are definitely to be sought to bring back glow of emotional bonding. Some of the identified cures for the issues are as follows:

1. Plan for more dates with your gal

Reignite the passion with your partner or spouse by trying to feel the same as your were before marriage. Plan out dates with your girl for a movie or a dinner with your spouse or partner that makes you come closer to each other. Sharing such moments could rekindle the lost flame among your partners.

2. .Check your notorious medications

Many a time, medications might be the menace causing the drop in the libido of either of the partners. Individuals on medications like anti-depressants, antihypertensives could be the causative agents for the low libido. The issue should be discussed with your respective doctor for voiding further complications.

3. Share your daily chores

As a couple, you might find it difficult to balance, work & family. After day’s tiresome work, the other permanent job completing the chores of the house remains unchanged. Partners & spouses should take up tasks and divide work among them to avoid over exhaustion. Thereby, each one of them will have a better sense of love & mutual respect for each other. Hence, greater sense of physical intimacy will also grow with the blessing of the extra energy available.

4. Setting up the room

The ambience for having a great sense of sexual desire matters to quite a great extent. It comprises of dim lighting, clean bedding, pillows & pillow covers, a soothing aroma and nevertheless ,one has to keep the pets away ,that might act as deterrent during the pleasurable act.

5. Add Sex to your weekly schedule

We might be listing up numerous activities to our daily chores, but it’s during this hustle and bustle one of the most basic instincts of sex might get buried under cushions and loses the palate for having some good sex. Amid all the daily chores, it’s your body’s inner emotional core’s necessity to fulfill the sexual desires on a periodical basis.

6. Feel your sexuality

In addition to all the needed do’s and don’ts one of the most important unnoticed hints is to admire our sexuality irrespective of the age. Despite of the waning age’s physical characteristics, one should hold a positive perspective about one’s own body. Alongside, you should make an attempt to exercise on a periodical basis to improve on your abnormal body curvatures and the extra flab’s. Thereby it will boost you image and generate a sense of heightened self esteem. Being optimistic stimulates our libido fulfills the emotional void and thereby promotes a sense of happiness and love among partners.

7. Eat right

Eating the right foods containing essential nutrients for spiking up the libido is an essential component in achieving the endeavor of improving the libido. Fruits like Watermelons, Walnuts, Ginseng, Oatmeal, Almonds should be consumed in adequate amounts that ignite the needed fire of libido in most individuals.

Owing to the nature of libido ambushing in each individual, it’s like a hidden dragon ,if unleashed with the right bait it can do great wonders splurging out a range of emotions ranging from joy, euphoria, love and a greater sense of intimacy.

  • December 16, 2015
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